About Amy: 


Yes! The much-anticipated Herbal Goddess Guide is out!

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Okay. Onto the bio.  😉


Amy is a writer, wanderer, blogger, herbalist, Ashtangi, E-RYT 500 yoga instructor, girl from Maine. She's a sucker for mystery novels, hot chocolate, anything yoga, anything green, long winters, and wild weather. She is a teacher and a student and believes that, with enough practice, anything is (probably) possible.

Her study of yoga began when she was a wee thing, about twelve years ago. Herbalism came soon after, though her love of plants, she suspects, was born into her. Never being one blessed with physical grace or strength (or so she thought), she has found a kind of peace with her mind and body through the practice of yoga. 

This is her experience. This is what she does her best to teach--that this is not work. This is play.  (Interested in Amy's teaching schedule? Find it here).


  About Quiet Earth Yoga: 

Quiet Earth Yoga, once a brick and mortar studio, but now a virtual community, was Amy's long-lost-then-gratefully-found dream.

'Deep peace of the quiet earth to you' is part of an old Gaelic blessing which cycles through the elements of air, water, fire, and earth. Here, we draw on those same elements, harmoniously, to balance the separate parts of our nature and to heal and to empower ourselves.

You are your practice. You are responsible for your health & well-being. We just provide a little guidance and a place to be yourself. We believe that all yoga stems from the same root; it's up to the individual to find which branch best supports her. It's a wild, natural world out there and it's filled with solutions and surprises. 

Drop in, click around.

Come journey with us.

Come as you are.