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Do What Your Teacher Tells You

Have you ever wondered why it’s easier to practice yoga in a room full of other practitioners than it is to practice on your own at home? In class you feel engaged, energized, flowing from one pose to the next, while at home you become fatigued, listless, and find you’re not nearly as strong as you are in class. Why is this? It’s the same body, the same mind. Or is it? (Continue reading...)

Get Out & Do Something That Scares You

That first moment you can open the windows or go outdoors without a coat. Even those of us who are confirmed fall or winter lovers (aka, yours truly) are still moved by the first stirrings of spring. The Equinox is a time of balance, as in equal light and equal dark (ooh, deep), but it’s also a time of rebirth and renewal. (Continue reading...)

Our Great Sage: 3 Reasons Why Stephen Fry May Be the Greatest Yogi Never to Have Practiced Yoga

I am not writing this article just because I have a great love and admiration for Stephen Fry which dates back to his Fry & Laurie and Jeeves & Wooster days. I am also not writing this article simply because Stephen Fry is, hands down, the number one person (alive or dead) with whom I’d have lunch when asked the question in that ice-breaker game. I’m also not writing this as a clever attempt to meet Mr. Fry. Well, maybe I am (just a little bit). (Continue reading...)

Sex and the Siddhis: Why We Still Need to Discuss Yoga and Sex

William Broad, the NYT journalist who has stirred such controversy in the yoga world, is a scientist—or, perhaps more accurately, a science journalist. He is a researcher and a writer. As someone who finds comfort in science I imagine that, in his 30 year practice of yoga, perhaps Broad has come a little too close to spirituality for his own comfort. Obviously I’m guessing here. (Continue reading...)

 “Yoga teachers shouldn’t have tramp stamps.”

I overheard this proclamation, muttered by a yoga student sitting next to me, while watching a particularly gifted yogini demonstrate a series of asanas (yoga postures). I turned my head and took her in, but said nothing. After all, enough judgment had been laid down in her comment and I wasn’t about to contribute. I simply moved away, toward of group of similarly dressed, but tattoo-decorated, yoga students and continued to enjoy the demonstration. (Continue reading...)

This is What I Look Like

When I got into yoga, all those years ago, I really thought that this would be the answer to my (embarrassed pause)…body issues. (Continue reading...)

Vices: Yoga Props for Life? 

I find that students in my classes are often reticent to include props in their practice, that somehow the use of them is an admission to not being enough (flexible enough, practiced enough, strong enough, etc). Ironically, the free use of props in practice (and knowing when you need them) is a sign of flexibility—in the mind. (Continue reading...)

Another Way to Think About Nothing.

As a yoga instructor, I’m always encouraging my students to clear their minds, to empty their minds, to release attachment and desire. To most of my students (myself included) this, seems an impossible task. How does one think of nothing? (Continue reading...)