Satya of the Day: 02.14.2013


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2 Responses to “Satya of the Day: 02.14.2013”

  1. Sometimes getting my practice in is hard. I love my practice time but occasionally I just don't feel like it but I do it anyway. Everyday, it must be everyday, because practice makes my life fuller. If I quit, for even one day, it is a step down the road to failure, frustration, and mediocrity. As you said Amy, my practice must be stable and steady, without that there is no anchor that keeps me grounded in life. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • quietearthyoga July 12, 2014 at 5:30 am

      Ah, yes, discipline! On and off the mat. That's the hardest thing–isn't it? I'm with you. Cheers, Steve!

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