What Will Rise?

So, this morning, I happened to have the dubious pleasure of seeing the headlines on a USA Today. Something about how cutting defense spending will harm the economy. Well, obviously, we should just start another war and our economic outlook will get all rosy again. Obviously.

Seriously, I can't believe I have to write this post. But, here it is. We're in the middle of a 100+ degree heat wave. In early July. It started in June. June! Here's a radical notion: how about if we end the wars, all of them? Let's stop killing people  now so that the rest of us don't die off in the near future. How about we go all FDR-economic-recovery-style and funnel all that inane defense spending into, oh, I don't know...windmills? High speed interstate and inter-community rail systems? Rooftop gardens? Retrofitting every house in the country with geothermal heating and cooling? If we could get our heads out of our...oil wells...we could actually save the entire globe rather than the money in the corporations' pockets.

Sarcasm aside, I'm angry. And terrified. We have the opportunity to do so much good. So we'll have to be uncomfortable for a while, so what? We're uncomfortable now and there's no guarantee anything is going to get better on its own. We've got this whole power/responsibility thing going on and we're going to burn like Rome.

Scratch that. We're already burning. The question is, what will rise from the ashes?

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