Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

March 31, 2016

Some days are so ridiculous that you can only take a deep breath and think, well. Thank Ganesh there's still that. 






March 30, 2016

 Sometimes we forget. Sometimes we think all there is to life is what we do every day, every chore we need to perform in order to survive.


No wonder we need so much coffee...









March 29, 2016

 I'm fastidious. I like a good, clean, clear space. 


But I don't want to miss anything, just because I don't have the right rain gear, the right shoes, the right...attitude?


Maybe it's a question of readiness, of preparedness. Are we ever prepared? Are we ever ready? Or is that just our excuse? 


Is it as Stephen Pressfield once said, “Start before you are ready. Ready is too late. By the time we’re ready...resistance has seen us coming and has marshaled all its forces to lay us low.”














March 28, 2016

Sometimes it's just one thing that keeps us going. 


Today? How many shades of blue can you find?


That is incredibly important (read: joyful) work. 


It's enough.




March 25, 2016

It's kind of a relief when you decide, finally, that you don't control everything. 


Because you can't. 


(And thank the goddess for that). 



March 24, 2016

It is all the same, it is all connected. Your electricity--your atoms, your as-yet-unnamed magical substance that animates those electric impulses into personality, art, speech, and movement--match the galaxy and the worlds beyond, match the sea and the worlds below. 


So, in light of that, how much of an obstacle is a wall? 






March 23, 2016

I don't know why we think of wood as being soft, because it's not--not in the derogatory way in which we acquaint softness with weakness, anyway. 


This kind of softness--or mobility, if you will, flexibility--is stronger than the fiercest steel. Metal is strong, but cold with so little life-force and no natural beauty (in this humble explorer's opinion, anyway). 


But wood? It grows and *learns* as it grows--which way to bend, where to send roots, which neighbors carry medicinces, which toxins. And when it finally, finally falls? It feeds that which fed it. 


That is the kind of sustained beauty, sustained strength, and sustainable life to which we should all bow, bend, and grow. 


Root down.


Rise up.





March 22, 2016

Social media has helped us connect in myriad, incalculable ways. 


I like to think of this as a good thing. It *is* a good thing. It is our platform for change, a solution to loneliness, to isolation, and a stellar tribe-finding tool. 


But, like everything else, it has its temptations. 


Don't change your story. Don't become more "beautiful" on a screen than you are in physical, manifested life, because you can't be--nothing can replace the breathtaking wonder that you are, in the flesh, in the voice, in the powerful force of your own two feet meeting this earth. 


Know what your tools are, and know how to use them. 


But don't think a picture of a hammer is going to build you a house. 





March 21, 2016


Don't go all doomsday on us, here. We need you present, clear-headed. The snake oil is thick on the ground, but you're wearing your kick-ass Doc Martins (you dug them out of 1999 and, of course, they still look intimidating as hell and fit you perfectly) and you're ready to roll. 


Not in violence, no, never in violence, but to stand your ground. To open your mouth. 


There is nothing more powerful than an immobile soul speaking her truth. 









March 18, 2016

One of my best friends (and favorite yoga teachers) always used to say that--*root to rise.* And, you know, like so many of yoga's on-the-mat lessons, it holds true **everywhere** else in life. 


We have to go down before we can come back up (and "down" is not always a bad thing, btw). We have to know where we've been to know where we're going. We need an origin. 


We don't have to dwell on those roots, those origins (necessarily), but we do need to feel them. And then, once we get where we're going, we need to re-plant ourselves. Re-establish. Re-root. 


Ground down and root to rise. 




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