Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

July 10, 2017

Science about age and brains and sleep patterns aside, it's always been my habit to go to bed with the sun, rise with the sun. Even in college, when left to my own devices, it was such a joy to turn everything off at 7pm, in bed and sleeping by 8. 

I don't know about the wealth bit, but I'd put what little I have on the health and wisdom pieces of the old adage. There's just something inherently healing about pure dark followed by birdsong. 

As for the wisdom, well, I think I've finally decided to stop apologizing for my nature. There must be something in that.

March 7, 2017

I think it is a rare creature who knows exactly who she is. I think I've met two or three in my life, and I never fail to find myself insanely jealous of such easy confidence, such grace, and that magnetism that exists around people with their poles stably aligned.

The kicker is, they've known themselves since childhood and have never forgotten, have put such easy faith in that identity that it's carried them into adulthood. Does that make their lives easier? I have no idea, but it seems so from here. 

I mean, we all know who we are in childhood, before school and the creatures known as peers disassemble that knowledge, or try to. It's not their fault, not really, but ours for crumbling so readily. At least, speaking from personal experience. 

But maybe some of us need that--that exercise in finally knowing what we aren't, so that we can nudge ourselves into the unfamiliar territory of who and what we are. 

Well. I guess here's to exploring.

May your travels take you safely into your partic...

October 11, 2016

Sometimes, even the lovers of routine find drudgery in the routine. Or, no, maybe that's not specific enough. It's when there's a change in routine requiring other things to be moved and shifted around. Or, when it's job-related--some grudging piece of paperwork that resurfaces again and again...

So, today, may I find something new there--some beauty, some grace, some generosity of spirit heretofore unseen.

February 1, 2016

Don't tell this story yet. Don't put your spin on it. 


You have no idea how big the love guarding you and guiding you is. 


You have no idea. 

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