Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Devotion is light (or: same, same, only different).

February 26, 2016


I went to a course exploring the energy of the body, the Eastern philosophy of Chi. There was one student there who resisted the notion of energy as Chi and could only rectify it for himself by applying it to a Christian god. There is nothing wrong with this--we cannot deny the energy we feel in this world, the light. And if we have to name it for ourselves? No problem. 


But when we begin to name it for others? When we begin to take others' names away, replacing them (by force of any kind) with our own? 


Big problem. 


As they say in India: same, same, same, only different. 


We have the same number of melanocytes in our bodies (the cells which release the skin pigment, melanin), but different amounts of pigment. The same, only different. 


We are the same. Does it not follow, then, that our gods are the same--the same amount of light, just in different packages?


Same, same, only different. 

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