Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

On the way down.

March 10, 2016


Ever find yourself procrastinating through preparation? Or planning? Scheming? Getting out your Google calendar and making *absolutely sure* you have enough time (whatever that means...) to do the thing or prepare for the thing or gather the tools needed for the thing? 


Me, too. But you know what I've discovered? It's just another smokescreen the ego has thrown up there, keeping you from becoming independent of it, keeping you from becoming truly brave (not silly and ill-prepared--that's not what we're talking about here), truly the person you need to be. 


So? I've just started jumping, assuming that the plan will come to me in those brilliant few seconds--clear, exhilerating, fueled and accompanied by clean, rushing air. And if it doesn't? Well, my shoes are pretty sturdy and my legs are pretty strong. I'll survive. 




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This Quiet Earth