Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

What the divine left out.

March 17, 2016


There's an old Southern saying this Yankee really loves: "You can't put in what the Good Lord left out." This thought always leads me to that other piece of wisdom: know the things you cannot change and grant yourself the peace to accept it. 


We have a hell of a time changing ourselves--what makes us think we can change (or, worse, "fix") anyone else? What right have we to wield that kind of power?


Speak your truth? Be kind? Encourage open minds through education? Through empathy? Through experience? Absolutely. 


But to *fix,* to hate, to judge, separates us from the one thing I *know* the divine did not leave out of any of us (we just did a really, really good job of burying it, and since we carried the shovel that did the burying, only we can carry the shovel and do the digging):




Beneath the colors and the religions, the languages and the genders, the myriad ages and preferences, we are all so microscopically the same that the *closer* you look, the harder it is to tell us apart. Hate anyone and, inevitably, you begin, little by little, hating yourself. 





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