Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

The feeling is real; the translation is faulty.

April 4, 2016


I have such a hard time reading other people in my personal life--that's a distinction from my life as a teacher; my students, for me, are much easier to read. Why? Well, I think it's a matter of the roles I give myself. As a teacher, I grant myself the authority (most of the time) to know what's best (that's heart-knowing, not necessarily brain-knowing, which is why it works...). I allow myself full access to, and the full legitimacy of, my intuition. I can read the room; I can feel (most of the time) the energy, the intention, the alignment, if you will, of my students. 


But in life? I'm floundering out here, authority-less, role-less, pushing forward with the antennae of my brain, and not with my heart. Why is that? Well, I think we perceive the brain as the safer vehicle for navigation, but really, it just gets us into trouble--it makes judgements, it creates stories about situations that, more often than not, are never the truth. The most dangerous part? It houses the ego. In other words: it gets scared. 


And we all know what happens when an animal gets scared, feels cornered.


So, here we go. I am now giving myself permission to navigate through the vehicle of my heart, lack of sea legs and all. It is, after all, closer to my center of gravity, closer to the breath, closer to the earth, and perceives everything in pure truth, not through the exhausting lens of what should be, of the person we think we should be. Instead, I navigate from the person I am. No matter how hard that truth is, at first to learn, and then to tell. 






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This Quiet Earth