Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Secure yourself a stronger foundation.

April 5, 2016


Discomfort--physical, mental, emotional, or situational is something we all do our best to avoid. Right? Human nature. But some discomforts remain--discomfort with one's body; unease around a certain social situation; frustration in the acquiring of some skill or another. We spend so much energy either avoiding (read: ignoring/distracting) those feelings or berating ourselves for having them in the first place ("I should be a better person...etc").


First of all...that *should* thing? Well, that's a subject for another post; short answer, stop the should-ing. But most importantly--you've got to let those discomforts in. Right?? They're just going to keep knocking. Or, perhaps a better metaphor--the telemarketer is going to keep calling until you take the two minutes to pick up the phone and say, firmly, clearly: REMOVE ME FROM YOUR LIST (please & thank you).


Done and done. 


Same thing here. Let that discomfort in. Feel it out. What does it want? Chances are, as soon as you feel it, it gets bored. See? That's all it wanted--a little attention (and it feeds on negative attention--that shite's like candy to discomfort, so give it up right now). One it's gotten what it's come for, realizes it can't get a rise out of you (or, well, more candy), it leaves. Unimpressed. 


After all, there are plenty of other doors out there for it to try...




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