Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

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April 7, 2016

 It's funny, really. That energy of worrying about others...I've found it's actually (in its prolonged state...) a selfish practice. Sure, you can quite naturally worry about someone driving in bad weather, about whether they'll get a coveted job or the like, but even that--it's about not quite trusting the choices that person is making: they're a careless driver, a poor interviewee...etc. 


When I catch myself worrying about others in their lives, I try to distill it down to the essential: what is that actual choice *that person* is making in this situation that concerns me? Is it (more or less) objective (i.e. do they need new tires to drive safely, a new suit for the interview?). If so, I'll voice that concern. Worry over. 


Or (the big OR) am I thinking *Man, I could do this better...?*


Yeah. That's a whole other story. I try to weed those out, because, hey, my life is certainly not one to held up as a beacon of bright, shining, uncomplicated success--that's for damn sure. 


So, yes. This caustic, slow-dripping acid torture of worry... Why not, if at all possible, step out of the way? Take it off your plate. It is, after all, a relief that we are only, thankfully, responsible for our own little lives this time around.

























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