Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

The heart of clear sight.

April 8, 2016

One of the best experiences I ever had while studying at 7 Centers Yoga Arts (and there were many, many, many), was during a meditation, dropping the mind into the heart. The mind, the awareness, whatever you choose to call it. 


Here's how it worked for me--you know that sort of electric/crinkly feeling you get in your head when you've been up in there far, far too long? Well, I pulled that feeling down (it was tangible, so I began there) into my heart where it sort of dissolved. My whole chest became warm and everything softened, so I just held it there. I *put* my mind *into* my heart. And all of a sudden, the world opened. 


My head stopped buzzing and whatever had been flying around in there, smashing against the windows, trying to get out, now felt free--like it realized it was never trapped to begin with. Everything that had been spinning and sucking so much energy up in that tiny cave of my skull now had the whole spacious and airy chamber of ribs to loop in and around. 


Was it even...having FUN? Wow. Revelations. 


Pull your mind into the expansive embrace of your heart. Watch as intuition touches you on the back and, with enormous relief, you hear the words "don't worry; we've got this." 























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This Quiet Earth