Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

That thing about falling.

April 14, 2016


I hear you. So much easier just to let go, tumble down to the bottom, and lie there in a heap until someone brings you Kombucha and chocolate. 


But then, man, you've got to get up and climb all the way back up. Or, well, go home, turn on Netflix, and give up the whole endeavor. 


Which is awesome for, like, a day. (Okay--maybe a week...). 


But then? That restlessness comes back, that nagging feeling that even a marathon re-watching of Gilmore Girls can't suppress. Then you have to sigh, pack away your fifth bag of kale chips, put on your shoes, and do it all over again. 


Wouldn't it have been easier, really, to have climbed back up before the staycation? I know, I know. I'm tired, too.


But seriously--I really, really want to earn my Gilmore Girls and chocolate, pajamas and Kombucha... I don't want to defend my slacking off... Instead, I want gloriously to flaunt the luxury of having absolutely nothing better to do--and have it be unquestionably and sweetly justified. 











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