Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

It will shift orbits.

April 26, 2016


I know it's hard to remain positive, optimistic, or compassionate in a world that can (still) support such hatred, such fear (it's all fear), and such politically popular (and popularized) segregation. Throw in the unknown reality of living in a climate that seems to be protesting along with us, and the question often becomes, why bother


I get it. It's terrifying. It's also one of the reasons for the practice of yoga--now, this is probably another post altogether, but briefly--we balance and twist in yoga. We move our hearts forward, our breath forward, even as we look back, dispassionately but with focus and balance. We don't become wilfully ignorant of where we've been, but we honor it with our sustained breath and continued, if sometimes uncomfortable, presence. 


But we move forward--our eyes to our horizon (or drishti, our point of steady focus). And as long as we're moving, this tribe--our people, our revolution--is going  to gather. We're uniting on this sphere, and if we breathe, walk forward, face forward, with calm and steady effort (this is stated so beautifully in Yoga Sutra 2.46: "resolutely abide in a good space," or "sthira sukham asanam"), we become, and we remain, unstoppable. 


This is how we practice. This is how we live--and this is how we will meet.


This is how the world changes. 







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This Quiet Earth