Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

The tiniest bit of sacrificial vanity.

April 28, 2016


Anyone can balance anything--a body, a checkbook, a schedule, a relationship. 


But we don't *really* want to put in the time, the effort, the schematics, and the nitty-gritty discomfort it takes to find or (goddess forbid, topple) over that tipping point. 


We might hurt ourselves, after all...


Well, let me tell you this: we're hurting ourselves already, trying to cram ourselves into days, lives, hours, jobs, relationships that don't fit. It may not be car-crash painful, but it's repetitive-action-forty-years-at-your-desk-or-on-your-feet kind of painful. It's wearing you down and you're too numb to feel it. 


Or maybe you're not. Maybe you're just really, really good at ignoring pain, and eventually it becomes rote. Until (!!) someone or something pushes you (gently or no) OUT of balance. Suddenly you're forced into a new perspective and, holy cats, are you lucky if you get one of those opportunities. See it for what it is--an invitation, a hand up, a new skill, a Superman cape, the Batmobile, a magic feather--whatever. Just stay off-balance for a while. Walk on the edge of that groove you've worn into your life--don't fall back in.


See what it's like to balance on the edge. 








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