Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

So obviously stronger for the places we were broken.

May 2, 2016


I think our tribe contains some of the strongest people in this world--spiritually, physically, emotionally. I think we have all come through some version of the fire. I think our finding each other proves that--we have seen pain, ugliness, fear, terror; we have tottered on the edge, maybe, of this life and the next-life, been pulled back, and now stand with new perspective. 


Those broken places we have so painstakingly worked to repair make us steel, but grant us such capacity for empathy that there can be nothing and no one stronger. 


We prove that because we've come together, we're here. We do not judge those who didn't make it to join us--theirs was not our journey, and we have no idea what their role was. Is. All we know is that we are here for a reason, and we don't need to relive unprocessed pain by telling and telling and telling about it. 


Talk, yes. Act, yes. Heal, yes. Share, yes. But don't make your story your only story. You are this crystalline prism and you contain so many angles, so much light, so many refractions and reflections of your experiences that you have dimensions to offer. So offer them. Use your story, use your experience, help others to our side, to our tribe. 


Show us how powerful restructured, restored, healed, and recreated light can be. 


Be the beacon, not the shadow. 








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This Quiet Earth