Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

The strung-out days of fear.

May 6, 2016


I talk a good game because I have to--I tell myself what I need to hear, what I wish I could embody and, perhaps, by putting it out there, I *will* embody it (someday...). But everything scares me. Transparent truth: life scares the stuffing out of me. But, you know, I always did hate bullies, and fear is a master bullier. 


As we've learned, the only way to stop the relentless torment of the bully is to stand your ground, to fight if you have to. Or, well, not fight, but think Jujutsu--use your opponent's force, not your own. Stand in stillness and just let it wash around you. See, when you fight fear, day in, day out, you become exhausted. Right? You know. I know you know. And when you give in, well, you become exhausted, too, because there's so much you *want* to do, but can't. Someone is blocking the door. 


But, stand. Walk. Go forward. Feel fear, sure--you've got no choice, really--but accept it. Pull it into your heart and say, 'it's okay. I accept you. You can stop fighting now.' Let me tell you--if a bully doesn't know what to do with someone who stands their ground, they sure as hell don't know what to do with an opponent to comes at them with love. Big juju, that love. 


Your heart is huge. There's space for all of it--all of the fear to find a home, to dissolve, to have the curse lifted, whatever. You control the fear by accepting it. By saying, 'okay, thanks for the warning, but I've got this; you can rest now.'


Open your heart, do your thing, then you, too, can rest. Now. 














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This Quiet Earth