Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

The itchy label of 'can't.'

May 9, 2016


That little rebel mind that lurks in us all? It's amazing what good it can do. You know? Like when you're so uncomfortable/nervous/anxious that you just get so sick of yourself, so you pull out this alter ego, slap on its hat or glasses or mask or glittery gold shorty-shorts, whatever, and stride into whatever new hell you've got in front of you. And guess what? You survive it. 


Hell, you do more than survive. You thrive, baby. You get stronger. You look back and think, 'Ha! Take that board meeting/interview/exam/110 degrees-in-the-shade 10k. Whatever. You're pretty proud of your badass alter ego. And you should be. That's the true you, dove. That's it. This anxiety, fear-studded-and-sweaty sack you've pulled over your shiny self? That's not you. That's something you've stitched, painstakingly, because, well, who knows why? But you did. Now, toss it aside. Bury it. Compost it. Give it back to the earth. 


You've got fires to leap, drum circles to join, belly-dancing lessons to take, and you'll be one fierce example of your authentic self throughout it all. 


Burn, baby, burn. 












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