Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

When will you emerge?

May 11, 2016


I really think plants have the best life, the best kingdom--community, medicine, cooperation, generational intelligence, intuition--it's all there, housed in the seed, intuitively accessed. I think we have a few millennia to go before we return to that place of automatic insight. Next life? I'm putting in a request to come back as a birch.


But, then again, that's the herbalist talking, so no surprise there.


There are, however, a few adaptations we were granted to help make up for our inherent defects--one, we can move. In this generation. We don't have to wait for the winds to take our seeds, our progeny, to a better, sunnier spot. We have no (real, *real*) excuse to stay put where our roots rot, flies eat at our stalks, or deer ravage our produce. 


Two? We can sprout whenever we want. We can drop the husk of the old and begin anew--frosts or no, weather notwithstanding. That is true freedom. In this breath you can begin. In the next, you can change course. You can turn your face in the cardinal direction that feeds you. 


That kind of makes up for the whole missing out on the whole sun-as-food business... (Kind of).


Take advantage of your gifts. Root to rise. 






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This Quiet Earth