Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

And I will carry no weapon.

May 13, 2016


I will not sweat and churn under the weight of my anger. I will not waste precious life energy lambasting the unfair practices of this world. Instead, I will strip myself of pretense, of fashion, of waste, of weight, and I will stand in the middle of it all. I will draw a big heart on my chest in every shade of green I can find--for growth, for renewal. And I will wait. More will come and the circle will become so huge, so unimaginably *present,* that we will no longer be ignored.


We will be noticed and remembered for our empty hands. You cannot see the human behind the weapon, be it words or warheads. You cannot create peace with violence of any kind--thought, word, or deed. (This includes within yourself, by the way--those thought-missiles are pretty deadly in and of themselves, so watch where you point them...). 


Until we stand, maybe afraid, but defiantly, resolutely compassionate, resonant with the pulse of hope, of true community, we will see no peace in this lifetime. 








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This Quiet Earth