Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Big-hearted and unruly.

May 16, 2016


Man, aren't you sick of being careful all the time? Hell, I am. Careful in my words (but if filtered through the heart, why all that energy-sapping care, examination, reexamination?), careful in my job, careful with an ego or two... But my wishes? That's the worst. I'm sick of dreaming up what I want to bring into my world and then having that little voice (whose voice is it, anyway??)pipe up: **be careful what you wish for.**


Why? Because I just might get it? Oh, the horror. Yes, yes, I get it. The idea is to choose wording carefully, to look at your life because what you're wishing for may actually already exist or is not, in reality, your wish, but someone else's, etc. etc. But (!!), all that care, that examining and examining and reexamining just takes the spontaneity out of the *true* wish, the heart-felt wish, the one, were we to edit it, would show up so mangled and unrecognizable (if at all), that we wouldn't even let it in the door. 


So quit the editing. For once (and then, hopefully, forever). Trust yourself and trust that your heart knows its business. The brain can't speak the language of wishes because there IS no language. It's vibration, baby, and that's all in the heart's wheelhouse.


Let it strum, drum, and beat those wishes out in some kind of rhythm only the universe can dance to. 







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