Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Un-sight yourself.

May 17, 2016


Looking where you're leaping has become this complex process of tape measures and levels, engineers and architects. But we aren't spiritually descended from computers and processors. We are the products of fire and heart, muscle and intuition. It's not lost, but it may be buried under generations of lessons and warnings, stories of failure and highlights of disaster. 


Our real history cannot be written down--it gets lost in the translation. No, our real history is sung and spoken. It's passed down in whispers in the woods at night, while dancing around fire when the moon is full, in visions while we sleep (finally, finally) with a clear mind and a brave heart. 


Know you know your history and unlearn what you were taught. 


(And, for the love of the goddess, leap with your heart, not with your eyes--the heart is s a much better judge, not only of distance, but of your own true measure).







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This Quiet Earth