Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Close your lips, and become universally fluent.

May 18, 2016

Language can control, inspire fear, miscommunication, mis-translation (accidental or otherwise...)--we know all of this. But what language does that can damage us so thoroughly--both as individuals and a collective--is to name things. Label things. And then, then (!!) those namers, those labelers, have the audacity to throw a capital letter in there. 










It's that capital that throws us off--you don't mess with the capital (well, some of us don't...). Suddenly, there is one definition, one truth, hell, one dialect. 


Soon, there's one people. 


Or, well, People. 


Man. It makes me fizzy just looking at all those authoritarian letters.


We have so many mothers over the course of our lives, so many fathers, so many brothers, so many sisters. We name them differently, we call to them differently, but how can such a fluid definition of love be chiseled into one chosen form, one chosen dialect? 


You can have your Truth, if you want it. I'm not here to argue that. But my Truth (well, my tRuTh) is just as valid, just as bright, just as sweet, and just as saving as yours.


You and I didn't invent any language; it evolved. But hands to heart? That's universal. That's unchanging. Because of that, it is true knowing, untranslatable. 




























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