Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Relationship: to surprise the pants off of an individual on a regular basis (or, Matthew McConaughey, shirtless, on a unicorn).

May 19, 2016


So, when I first designed this Satya, all of ten minutes ago (which is how I roll, in general; it works--most of the time...), I wanted to define this relationship-to-self idea as "surprising the pants off of one's self on a DAILY basis." Then I thought, well, no. That's too much, surely. 


But, what if it's not? I mean, we're not talking a "happy birthday, here's Matthew McConaughey shirtless on a unicorn" caliber affair here. We're talking a "getting out of bed and WANTING to go forward with your day" type of thing. That still surprises the hell out of me when it happens--and, really, that happens more or less on a daily basis these days, so, well, there it is. Relationship defined and accomplished. 


Then add liking what you see in the mirror--that's a hell of a surprise. Or being kind to a stranger without premeditation or forethought. Boom, done. 


So, I'm not going to go back and amend the meme, but I'll define it here: self-love, self-relationship: to surprise the ever-living, lacy-and-racy pants off of one's self on a DAILY basis. 


Maybe next week I'll up it to an hourly basis... 


Aim high, doves! Become wild about your place in this sweet circle--and maybe (just maybe) one day, you'll find your own shirtless celebrity-of--choice on a unicorn in your front yard.


Now wouldn't *that* be a sweet surprise...









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