Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

This is a conscious crossing.

May 24, 2016


It's okay to sleep; we heal when we sleep. But it's that semi-conscious drifting that, when prolonged, lands in a nest of weeds or some strange harbor. We have no idea how we got here, but we are suddenly, painfully aware that we're cold, wet, and terribly lost. 


Don't confuse lost with loss. It's not. You didn't lose time. You were mending, maybe. You were restoring. But, you're awake, so notice that. Do a full 360, eyes wide open. Then close your eyes and catch the scent of the wind. What calls you? 


Elizabeth Gilbert once said that when you're lost, when you've no idea how to get back into the stream of your life, simply follow your curiosity.  Sounds right to me. 


So. Open your eyes, and become very still. Let your curiosity become your compass.








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This Quiet Earth