Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Nothing, for a time.

May 30, 2016


If we forget who we are (who we really are, which, let's face it, we do all the time), then we think that there are all sorts of deadlines on what's so horribly called 'personal development.' 




I'm sorry, but personal development (or should we amend that into 'person development') took place during our first several years of life as bones knit themselves together with a little more durability, skull sutures fused, teeth came and went, the brain matured itself until it graduated into (we hope) the ability to think mindfully and rationally.


And you know what? We had nothing to do with that. Sure, how we ate and slept affected those outcomes, and I'm not getting into how one's socioeconomic background has an effect on development--while valid, it's beyond the scope of this particular point.


What I'm saying is, you're done. You're done with that bit. You've developed, dammit. You're a person and you're developed. 


All this other stuff? This is what comes of experience and our reactions to it. Sure, there are deadlines. And, equally, we usually have enough time to meet them with calm collection, rather than desperately out of breath, sweating through our dressy dress and flinging papers about. 


No. It's how we react, respond to the things we perceive as put upon us. And sometimes we do it to ourselves: 'by 30, I'll be x. By 40, I'll be y.' 


Imagine if your cells said, 'okay, guys--usually a human isn't rational up in the forebrain until 18; let's beat those odds! Let's do it at 14!'


Um, what? That's ridiculous. 


So are your odd, self-imposed deadlines. 


You know what you COULD do by 30, 40, 10, 100? Do nothing for an hour or a day or a week. No shoulds. No guilt at resting your poor, overworked, overtaxed body. It's been putting up with you for years, sister. The least you could do is to give it a day off. 


And, no, sleeping at night doesn't count. Man. Imagine what your Facebook feed would look like if YOUR boss made you work on your day off...


And, no, you probably don't want to see what your adrenal glands are posting about you right now... 






















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