Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

And then, we will move the furniture.

June 9, 2016


It's really all about the cessation of active looking, active searching. We make ourselves crazy with the hunt when, really, all it takes is sitting down, breathing, and feeling our way. 


Right? I mean, even the simple puzzle analogy--if we sat down and imagined how that silly piece would fall, where it would land, we'd probably find it so much sooner. Same with our lives--if we stop the relentless search (and all that is, honestly, is something we do to make ourselves look and feel busy, so that it seems like we're being diligent when we're actually just offering distraction), sit down, and feel our curiosity, our interest, then our search becomes an adventure, a string of joys. 


You know. As opposed to that "I'm already late where the hell are my keys" kind of thing. 


And then the other tactic, of course, is to give up. To give it all up for lost (which isn't the truth--it's just what your heart tells your brain in order to shut it up already). To sit down in exhausted defeat. Only then is there enough space for your heart to nudge a little reverse psychology your way, as in "Well, if you're going to give up, you might as well go out and garden (or paint or write or x or y). You DID always love gardening--you just never allowed yourself the time. But hey, if all is lost, then..."


See? Stop looking. Move the furniture. 


(Finish the puzzle already). 






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