Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

A lot of free time on our hands.

June 10, 2016


Speaking authentically, and not giving a flying pig what people think of where you've been and what you have to say about it, is terrifying in its potential for some really uncomfortable vulnerability. 


Yes. You risk people saying, "you're HOW old? Wow." Or "Huh. Took you a long time to find your way, didn't it?" Or "Man, I wish I had etc., etc...." 


You see what's happening there? Your listener is making your story about themselves--their own reactions, their own perceived shortcomings, their own longing for the bravery of starting over. 


But that's not your story, no. But if you can sit in stillness while your listener cycles through their automatically-ego-generated response system, and if you can actively listen to that protesting heart inside them, then that cycle will end. Your listener will hear the silence of your active acceptance of self, and you will be actively heard. 


And then, then! Well. Then we can have a conversation--a simple, profound exchange of truth, heart-to-heart, blood-to-blood, cell-to-cell, and leave the cycle of fear behind. 







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This Quiet Earth