Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

The heart speaks fractal.

June 27, 2016


I think of fractals as the unknown made known. If you could fathom the correct equation for creating a fern leaf, for example, and plug it into a computer of some kind, you would end up with the Platonic ideal of a fern leaf (like this). 


And there's such beauty there--both in the math and outside of it (and I know nothing about math; I still add things on my fingers), such a simplifying (so to speak) of something endlessly complicated. 


I often wish I could approach my own emotions that way, you know? Plug my brain into a computer, beam the mess of it over the wires, and have it distill itself into a perfect image, the perfect illumination. 


But I'm not sure I have to *see* it with my brain parts, although I'd prefer that (or shall I say, I'm more comfortable with that); I think the heart speaks fractal, sees fractal. If we could short wire our brains directly into our hearts, it would all be good. 


So, until then, I'll quite literally follow my heart---close my eyes and do what the beats tell me. 


Sound and rhythm are just another equation.








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