Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

The dangerous stultification of conjecture.

July 7, 2016


I was thinking this, this morning, while lying in bed, wanting to get up, but listing the chores of the day inside my head. See, this is the thing: I like chores (most of them). I like being busy (most of the time). Well, perhaps 'busy' is a troubled word...I like having purpose.


There. That's better. 


But thinking of those things? Listing them in my mind? Gah! Death. Seriously--it puts me back to bed before I've even gotten up. Instead, I try to move that energy to my body and just do the thing--put my feet on the ground, do the first chore, the second, and before I know it, I'm blessedly freed from my brain. And I'm happy--happy in the doing. 


It's such a relief, the doing and the losing of oneself in the doing--the joy of purpose. But our brains just delight in conveniently forgetting that little experiential truth because, what, it makes them less vital? Maybe. 


Anyway, here's to losing ourselves in the doing and to the joy of purposeful occupation. 





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