Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Find a way.

July 12, 2016


You'll shock everyone--especially yourself--when you find a way. Because, let me tell you, there's always another way. Always. Even when you've been told by two-hundred-and-four-point-five experts that there's no other way, there's always another way. 


Even if that other way includes surrendering to the obstacle, within that surrender will come some nudge of an idea, a direction. Yes, it might be hard. Yes, you might have to pack in years, decades, lifetimes of work and people and start again. Yes, it can suck big time. 


But, it fits the criteria--it's another way. It's a way out or a way in, depending on how you choose to see it (i.e. not half-empty or half-full, but refillable--no matter that the selection of liquid may change). 


The first step? Surrender to the wall. It may not be going anywhere. But. You're movable. 


You are. 






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