Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

True mettle.

July 18, 2016


(I wanted to call this post 'True Grit,' but that was kinda/sorta already taken. But mettle is a good word; the English major approves). And that's it, right? Balance. Stumbling. The getting back up again. Man (groan)... The. Getting. Back. UP. AGAIN.(!!) It's exhausting. Why is it exhausting? Because we're badass spiritual warriors and we do it again and again (and again).


And that says something to me--it says we are one determined generation of people on this planet, and we are willing to come into awareness when we stumble, when we take the difficult path, when we find a dead end and have to turn around--we do it. We do it, even though we really want to sit down for a while and stare at the trees (and maybe we do--and that's fine, too). The grit, the mettle, the pluck, isn't really in the **getting up,** but in the **awareness** that you have stumbled out of balance and the confidence in knowing that you *will* get up (when you're good and ready and sufficiently rested). 


So if you're on the ground now? That's okay. It's okay. It's okay to sit for a moment (or twenty), close your eyes, breathe, take in the view from this perspective, feel the earth beneath you. Feel how grounded it is, how (quite literally) supportive it is and know that it will assist you when you stand and be there--no doubt--to catch you if you stumble again. It's your constant companion on this journey, and it will wait with you as long as you need it.


It is that strong. You are that strong. 






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This Quiet Earth