Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

This life is your craft.

July 20, 2016


We think we can do anything. Well, let me amend that. We *can* do anything. We just might not be able to everything. Not all at once. (I can hear the groaning; I think it's loudest over here on this end). But that's what we want, isn't it? Everything. Now. All at once. 


Oh, my god, you guys. I mean isn't this why we have history classes? Hasn't this wanting been *the* human frailty for as long as we've been recording such things? Hence wars; hence racism; hence sexism; hence prejudice of every variety, from class to belief systems, to gender identification.


If you trace hatred back (on a grand scale or, maybe more tangible, on a personal one), you'll see it comes down to wanting. Fear, yes. But, really, it's the wanting. We can't have what we want, so we lash out--at a group of people, a shade of skin, a distribution of anatomy. We rebel against ourselves, starving, over-feeding, over-working, over-lazing. 


We really just aren't all that gifted with this whole balance thing...


But like any grand, sweeping change, it can only begin with you. Here's what you're probably thinking (because I'm thinking the same thing): But I want everyone all balanced and peaceful RIGHT NOW!


I rest my case. (Hey, I guess that semester of law school was worth it...).


So start now, start small, because, by definition, that's the only way to sustainability. Move or rest, but serve this body. Feast or fast, but serve this body. Take a moment between action and habit and make the choice that serves this body. Serve this body, serve it well, serve it peacefully, and you serve the world. 





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