Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 


July 26, 2016


'Otherwise' and 'if only' are probably the two most wretched phrases in our language. In any language. They indicate that you could have (*should have*) done something differently or, worse, chance could have landed you differently, and then (then!) your whole world would have opened up into some kind of enchanted, lollipop-lined, forest wonderland. 


Well, I'll take you out of your misery--you would be the same person with the same path, whether or not you had taken choice x or y. How do I know this? Well, I've spent a lot of time examining my life (goddess help me), and I've looked painfully closely at my 'missed opportunities.' You know what? With a few minor exceptions, they all would have converged to the point where I am now. 


Which is interesting and reassuring. As long as you're following some path of your own curiosity, you will land in the same place, minus a month or two, a year or two (and, let's face it--in a life, really, what's a year or two?). It's like taking the back roads over the interstate--sure, you'd probably have gotten there faster, but maybe you'd be more harried, sweatier, construction-wearied. But take the back roads? It's a bit slower and, yeah, you might get lost, but you meet more interesting people because you've followed your own curiosity. 


There's no inherent interest in the interstate, not in comparison to a side road with history, with lives taking place on it. So, yes, you have a choice, but I think if you make the choice with beauty in mind, with curiosity at heart, then there won't even be a whisper of otherwise. The time the journey takes is a non-issue--it's a construct of your ego who really, really likes to drive fast and waste gas and eat fast food. 


But your curiosity? She loves tree-lined streets, farm stands, cows and woods, oceans and cliffs. She doesn't care what time she gets there, as long as there's good food, good views, and good people en route. 









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