Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Indefinite object.

July 29, 2016


I'm a yogi, a writer, a wanderer, female (though not particularly feminine), and an herbalist--these are all ways I've defined myself. But here's the thing--when we define ourselves we're doing nothing more than limiting ourselves. 


For instance, let's take that last bit--female, but not feminine. I've been labelling myself that way since I can remember. Then, one day, I was shopping for some event (, and I saw a dress I really liked. I walked around for an hour before convincing myself to try it on, really liking it, then being scared of liking it because, heaven forfend, what would it to do to that label I'd so painstakingly crafted over the years? So I put it back on the hanger. 


I still think about that silly dress. 


But it's not the loss of the dress that disturbs me; it's that I allowed myself--rebel (another label) that I am--to be swayed by *my own* labeling system. If I had been authentically present, I would have tapped into the authentic joy of this small object, not letting its purchase (or anyone's reactions to said purchase) compromise the authenticity of my curiosity, my joy. 


So, sure--keep them guessing, but keep yourself guessing, too; follow every curiosity to its end and commit. Full on commitment to authentic (key word, there) joy.


Huh. How's that for homework this weekend??




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