Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Wrangling this circus of monkeys.

August 2, 2016


I'm pretty independent, if I can flatter myself here for a moment. (No worries--I'll pull reality into this thing pretty soon). What I mean is, if I were dropped in the woods, I'd know where to find food, shelter, how to protect myself, how to orient myself--that sort of thing. But. Drop me in a roomful of people I don't know? Especially 'successful' and 'well-dressed' people with 'nice shoes'? It's over. I will exhaust my small-talk, and then I will be in the bathroom. Pick me up on your way out. 


So, it's funny... Navigating the wild? Yeah, I'd probably be okay. Navigating society? That's a heck of a lot harder. I mean, I can fake it. I'm really good at faking it--and maybe that's all it is. Maybe we're all faking it, which is both funny and sad, really. But we can only fake it for so long before we need to find a couch and a movie marathon--stat. 


That's not balance, and it's certainly not independence. That's addiction of a kind. And avoidance (or some other clinical term not in my vocabulary). So, yes. I need people, and I am so ridiculously grateful for the help I receive that I can't even begin to do that justice. But, the point--if you were dropped in the wild (Wilderness or Wall Street--same, same) could you survive? Just on your wits, on your skills, on your ability to sit for a moment, outside of panic, outside of disorientation, and wrangle the elements? 


I think you could. I think you might just surprise yourself. 






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This Quiet Earth