Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Ease matters.

August 4, 2016


So, sleep is vital--we know that. But how you sleep is probably the most valuable piece of this sleep-as-medicine idea. Sleeping without the use of chemicals (herbs are good--have I talked to you about herbs?), sleeping without the interference of electronics (charging or otherwise), sleeping on an empty stomach (three hours prior to bed = last meal), and getting to bed at an optimal hour for an optimal time period (I know, I know--but try for 10pm and 7+ hours when you can) are all part of this prescription. 


Why? Because sleep is when we rebuild, repair, kick-out and process whatever has come into our minds and bodies that day. But set the task of churning dinner? Metabolizing (needless or habitual) medications and chemicals? No rest. No real rest. 


I know I usually reserve this space for more philosophical/emotional/mind-bendy issues, but this is a part of that. Poor sleep, little sleep, eats away at our sweet candied web of self-reliance, self-assurance, positive self-image, bravery, tolerance, and patience. If you are already suffering from depression and anxiety, then this restless rest heightens that dis-ease. 


So. Find true rest. How? Well, begin with the easy (ahem; relatively easy) physical--the food, the electronics, the habitual knee-breakers who follow you into the dark alley of bedtime. And, yes, it will be uncomfortable--habit changing always is. For a time. (Not a lifetime). But see what comes up, because what comes up in those dark hours will blind you, spotlighting exactly where in your life there's tension, rift. 


And then you'll have a map. Put on your sturdy shoes, and pack some chocolate. You'll need it, but you're already so much stronger (and so much better rested) than you think. 










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