Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

New ways of looking up.

August 17, 2016


We are held in suspension between earth and sky, and we can either see this as a trap (think the pineapple chunks in your Great-Aunt Martha's holiday jello mold) or as a gentle holding (that hammock waiting for you, strung between two palms on Oahu’s North Shore), depending on the day (sometimes depending on the moment). 


But, nonetheless, that's where we are--entre ciel et terre. Earth and sky. Father and mother. A giant metaphor, and a giant, literal reality. Everything we do or don't do or could do in our lives is played out, planned, and practiced here, in this little layer of sweet filling between the intensely substantial, enlivening, and life-giving tiers of earth below and sky above. 


But I think we can spin all of this to our sweet soul's benefit. In other words, when that pineapple-chunk-in-lime-jello feeling starts to wiggle up, lie down and look up (sometimes I have to, quite literally, run out the door and pitch myself into the grass, like I'm jumping into the Bay of Fundy, just to pull myself up and out of myself). That's it. Notice your free will held and nurtured by the hand below and the hand above. 


Because, you see, this isn't a trap, and the walls (gelatin or otherwise) aren't closing in. This is support and the only reminder you need is to feel earth below, see sky above. 











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This Quiet Earth