Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

A wonder, not a chore (or: Knits for Cats).

August 25, 2016


Okay, so I really don't love big social functions, which you probably know if you've ever hopped around this little blogosphere (only because I talk about it endlessly, so there's a good chance even a random hop will land you on the subject). I can do it but, man, is it ever exhausting. And I know at least half of you guys are with me on this, so thank you for that. Safety in numbers (ironically enough for introverts--Unite! Separately and in our own houses!).


So, I've got one of these functions today, and this is what I'm telling myself--I've got this orbit of manifesting creation around me, and so does everyone else. Imagine if we all walked around holding our projects, our creations, our deepest loves. That would make these things, these meetings, so interesting. Imagine seeing everyone with your heart first, instead of your wariness. 


Because, if you had access to these creative selves, how could you not love the buttoned-up excec, totally intimidating with his mean face, if you could see this guy, in a little cartoon bubble over his head, knitting sweaters for his three rescued cats, plus extras for the animal shelter? That would be awesome. I'd love that guy. 


So that's my plan, my strategy, my joy.


Everyone's knitting for cats today. 









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