Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Up here winging it.

September 8, 2016


I do. I wing it all the time. I mean, okay. I plan the heck of of my lessons (whether yoga, herbal studies, or college comp), but that's really for my own peace of mind. Then I usually just drop the whole thing and see what happens. Sometimes it's awesome. Sometimes it's awesomely awkward, but it's real. Both are good. 


That used to be terrifying. But you know what was *more* terrifying? Being married to the plan. I was so paranoid I'd lose my place, and the whole thing inevitably became one big, sweaty ten-car pileup. Or, for a less gruesome image, it became that line to get into Maine on Labor Day Weekend--you know, the one at the toll booths at the border? And your a/c has stopped working, and you really have to find a rest stop? Yeah. It was like that. 


Forget it, right? Get out of the car and walk, man. So that's what I do. I look at my maps, get the sense of where I'm going, then I start walking. Or whatever. (This metaphor is fast escaping me. So, let's just stop here, shall we?).


The point: your spirit knows where it's going. It's seen it all, and I know your heart believes it. Go with that. Leave your brain behind to monitor the traffic, if that's what keeps it occupied. Let your heart get out and walk. 






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