Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

One fair trade.

September 29, 2016


I love the expression our Southern sisters use for when things go awry--"tits up." Somehow, it makes risk more, what, courageous? An act of sheer artistry. Burlesque-esque artistry. Brave artistry.


Art is brilliantly messy, but you know, this whole living thing is, too. It's about finding the courage, not to DO what you love, necessarily, but to FIND things you love and to COMMIT your whole self to them. That's a different task. "Do what you love." Well, sure, but what are my options if I need this job/this house/this relationship (whatever it is), this dependency of the moment? That's just a frustrating order--drop it all, do what you love. Because sometimes, maybe most times, we just can't.


But! (There's alway s a but...) you can find what you love and not be ashamed for openly loving it--so you're a Goth girl who loves cultivating roses. So you're VP of some big conglomeration but you love bodice-ripper romance novels. So you're a kid who loves dressing in princess gowns while you chop wood, Metallica in your earbuds.


Own it, sweet sisters.


And if it all goes tits up? Well, you had fun. And now you get to rest, face to the sky, back to the earth, and regroup for the next big passion.







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