Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

In the half-light of misunderstanding

January 12, 2016


We create so much of our own misery. We really do. And though we know that, most of the time, it's such a challenge to *change that behavior.*


Last night I was up for most of it--worrying about my poor guinea pig and whatever is going on in her eye (long story), my foot that strangely went numb after padmasana yesterday (which is unusual, to say the least), a new job which starts tomorrow, an upcoming trip, oh, and on and on. 


What could I do about any of it at 2am? Absolutely nothing. Have I been working to prepare for these things? Of course. But that doesn't help, of course. 


Or, I suppose, it does. I mean, the worry *could* have been worse.


There's that great proverb that floats around yogi circles regarding worry: Can you do something about it? If yes, then do it and don't worry. No? Then put it down and don't worry. 


I must have repeated that to myself over and over again. I could answer yes and no to all of the pages of the to-do-list-loaded roladex in my mind, but worry nestled in beside me nonetheless. 


Ah, well. Another day, another practice. Another dose of caffeine... ;) 


Practice on, sweet yogsters. 

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