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DIY Laundry Soap**

January 24, 2016



I love, love (dare I say luuuurve?) making my own remedies, from home- to skin/self-care products.


I mean, serious DIY herby dorkness happening over here. 


So, I thought it high time to share my DIY laundry soap recipe with you sweet, fellow herby-nerds. 

The following homemade laundry soap is safe for you, for sensitive skin, and your septic system. It can even be used in front-loading washers.


Now, to the Borax controversy... Contrary to some information out there, BORAX (sodium tetraborate) is not toxic (at least, not as a cleaning product; don't go eating it, by any means). BORIC ACID is toxic. 


HOWEVER, that being said, I absolutely only use the natural borax powder from Mountain Rose Herbs.


But I want you to follow the Borax rabbit hole so that you can be completely comfortable in your choices. Here's a link to the borax data safety sheet here.


Crunchy Betty featured a post on the borax question, as well. So, absolutely, do your own research, my sweets. 


Okay: onward!

  • The recipe I use (which you'll see in the video below):

  • One cup borax

  • One cup washing soda (sodium carbonate, NOT baking soda, which is sodium bicarbonate)

  • One bar natural soap (I like castile soap, such as Dr. Bronners)

  • Essential oil of your choice, added to your liking. 

  • NOTE: some people may be sensitive to peppermint essential oil, so use carefully and sparingly. 

  • Use 1tbs of soap for regular loads, 2tbs for heavily soiled loads. 

  • This soap should cost you about five cents per load, as opposed to 21 cents, on average.


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