Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Independent thought, personified.

October 4, 2016


You do not need me to tell you how polarized we are. Identity has become absolutely everything to us--and, unchecked, that identity morphs and slouches into this slimy, messy mass of nationalism, overblown patriotism (to the extent where we can't see our own flaws and see only those of others), and unrestrained prejudice--all underscored by deep, raw trenches of fear. 


It's not entirely our fault--we're pack animals, after all. We like to have a group identity; we need others in order to feel complete. But when did we devolve from a community- and need-driven collective into this dogmatic, blood-lusty mob? 


But here's the thing--we don't have to stay in the pack. We can fight our way out; we can steal away in the night, run independently for a while, until we (re)align ourselves with our true direction. There are others out there, wandering the woods on their own, and that's our tribe, our pack. Seek out those who know their strengths *and* their weaknesses. This is how we fit together--the yin and yang of this collective, completing each other, while keeping what makes us essentially ourselves. 


We either invite balance, or it's imposed upon us. Which are you waiting (or working) for?












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