Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

A simple question of geography.

October 5, 2016


I know that this extreme northeast corner of the country is my geography; I've always known that, no matter where I've lived, no matter how much I've loved the land of the various landscapes that so kindly housed me. That's one thing--that's an objective, to-the-bones-and-blood longing for the salt and stone, trees and earth of one's small piece of the globe. 


But one of the hardest longings to identify, to solve, is homesickness--is it for a home you're not currently in (i.e., geography)? Or is it for a life you want to be living but aren't--not because of financial/circumstantial/etc reasons, but because you're playing some part you weren't designed to play? 


In other words, whose life are you leading? Is it yours? Your parents'? Your spouse's? Whose expectations are these? Are you living your job? In other words, living within your "label" because this is the kind of car/house/sofa a teacher/banker/full-time parent is supposed to own?


Sometimes we feel that itchy, rangey need to move, to rove, to drop everything and to get out. And that's the moment to ask yourself--is it geography that's penning me in? Or is it the politics of this system I've allowed myself to tumble into? Both involve a whole lot of shifting, so know your answer before you pack it in. But once you know? Start sorting your stuff and get those boxes ready, messy as it may be. Sometimes the simple act of giving away pieces of your life you once thought important is enough to free your feet enough to roam.



















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