Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

If we can build it, we can tear it down.

October 6, 2016


I just can't believe that anyone is born evil. Whatever 'evil' means. I believe that some of us are more vulnerable to...what, influence? We're impressionable? Or we're more inherently fearful? Aside from actually facing the fear full-on, the only other way to lessen panic is to assign it a target, a scapegoat. It doesn't work, of course, but it's "easy." And, of course, there's the added bonus that it's not our weakness (or whatever) but a weakness, a disadvantage, forced onto us by this other guy--this target. 


'Target' is the key, here. We've all experienced how, too easily, fear can erupt into anger--a fire to eviscerate the damp, creeping decay. But, man, you're burning down the forest when all you had to do was rehabilitate a tree or two (that is, if you can catch the decay early enough). 


And, of course, you can only start with yourself. You can only begin with your own knee-jerk impressions, assumptions. You can only turn that hot, bright, cleansing, light onto your own corners susceptible to rot, dry them out, sit with them, understand how they became so vulnerable in the first place so that nothing else can creep in there. Seal it off with light. 


We see, we know how hard it is to change anyone's mind. The easiest way? The most lasting way? Lead by example. Lead with light. 






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This Quiet Earth