Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

Stronger in the attempt.

December 2, 2016


Some things we try, despite their apparent futility, because we're compassionate and we're human. That's what we do. We try. We try to connect, we try to move, we try (if we're doing things right) to communicate. But here's the thing--communication involves a great deal of listening. 


And, much to our constant surprise, very little talking. 


If we're doing it right, the moving becomes a mutual exchange of listening. Not just hearing, but comprehending what is said, what is heard, what is on offer. 


The problem with this is that listening is a skill in decline (our political system is, ahem, just one example of such a breakdown). 


You want your herbalist's recommendation? Go to the woods. Or the prairie. Or the ocean, the mountains, the roof of your building, the city park. Plant yourself (yes, a deliberate choice of words), and just let space remind you what you'd forgotten about listening. 


Let yourself take what you need.
Practice as often as possible.














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This Quiet Earth