Deep peace of the quiet earth to you. 

When we return.

December 8, 2016


More and more, I think all it takes to be lucky in this life is to pay attention.


Tell your truth, live without apology, but in the best way you know how, and pay attention.


Tell yourself you're happy when you're happy. When you're sad, tell yourself that, too.


Learn to know the difference, because I think that knowledge has been wheedled out of us, much to our own detriment and, too, to the skyrocketing profits of those who have been doing said wheedling. 


In other words, take back your life, claim the emotion rising, and realize you've not given away your power, you had merely slid it under the mattress for safekeeping. 


Haul it out, and wear it around town.

We don't stand on occasion here. 









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This Quiet Earth