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December 13, 2016


So, I love the holidays. I mean, hands-down, the solstice and Christmas Eve are my favorite days of the year. Every year I try to keep my gifts local, relevant, and thoughtful, but this isn't a post about gifts. 


This is a post about wrapping. 


I used to carefully open each gift I received, smoothing out the paper and folding it for storage and to reuse in the following year. But that got old (not to mention people tend to get impatient while you carefully and painstakingly open their gifts--and with good reason). 


Instead, I've started hoarding scraps of fabric, old scarves, hand-me-downs, and lost-and-founds, and repurposing them. I secure everything with scrap yarn to twine that I save, and label them with cuttings from the previous year's received holiday cards. 



All in all, it's a pretty nifty exercise in recycling. Plus, if the receiver is a quilter or otherwise scrappy individual, they keep the wrapping, putting it to good, creative use. 



Happy winter!

















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